Changing Worlds Study

Our Changing Worlds Study is a two-part study seeking to explore, compare and contrast the links between climate change, the coronavirus crisis and mental health. Anecdotal data suggest that young people, confronted with both current climate change and projected future changes, report significant distress and a range of other responses including anxiety, grief, guilt and anger. On the other hand, the coronavirus pandemic has created yet more uncertainty about the future that today’s young people will inherit.

Young people are a vitally important group to work with as they are particularly vulnerable to developing mental health conditions and will experience the long term impacts of these global challenges. In addition, the extent to which young people are able to process these threats in healthy and compassionate ways is vital for both their individual wellbeing and their ability to improve the world’s social, political and economic systems in the future.

Part 1: Online survey

Our team is already analysing results from a survey of over 500 young people in the United Kingdom. To view the survey, please click here.

Part 2: Guided Journal

With the help of our Young Persons Advisory Group (YPAG), we are also developing a guided journal to help people process their own relationships with the changing environment. After its design and initial dissemination, we will collect feedback and draw lessons for future research and interventions.